The LMDA/KCACTF Student Dramaturgy Award is designed to recognize student dramaturgs who show promise as participants in the diverse landscape of professional dramaturgy. Because dramaturgical work is so often intangible, the application process aims to create space for students to demonstrate how they have tuned their contributions to the needs of a college- or university-sponsored workshop, production, or dramaturgy course. The philosophical foundation of this program rests in the belief that the most effective professional dramaturgs develop an ever-evolving sensibility rather than a rigid set of practices. Such dramaturgs embrace the importance of self-reflection and learning in ways that allow them to tailor their creative work to the needs of each play, production team, and/or audience.

This initiative is the result of a unique collaboration between Literary Managers and Dramaturgs of the Americas (LMDA), the professional association of dramaturgs and literary managers working in North America, and the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival (KCACTF), a national program dedicated to improving the quality of college and university theater in the United States. Additional support is provided by the Association for Theatre in Higher Education (ATHE).


In addition, recognition will be offered in the areas of outstanding program note, outstanding digital dramaturgical materials, outstanding dramaturgical lobby display, and outstanding NPP Embedded Dramaturg.

Dramaturgs who submit to the LMDA/KCACTF Student Dramaturgy Award OR students who are interested in Dramaturgy may opt-in to participating as a dramaturg for the NPP 10-Minute or One Act play readings. You will be paired with a playwright and director before the festival to begin the dramaturgical process. If you submit to the LMDA/KCACTF Dramaturgy Award, you will be contacted asking if you would like to participate. Otherwise, contact TJ Young at nppchair@kcactf2.org

  • Join the national conversation in LMDA/KCACTF-sponsored online workshops with professional dramaturgs.
  • Fill out this application form.
  • Attend your Region’s Festival, where you will display, present, and receive feedback about your work.

Application Details

On the application, you will:

  • Provide contact and eligibility details.
  • Send a Reference Form to a faculty member or other professional collaborator who has agreed to speak about your work on the project.
  • Write short reflective statements (150-250 words) addressing three of the following questions:
    1. How did you approach the work of researching and analyzing the play?
    2. What moments of joy did you experience during this process?
    3. How did you adjust your goals in response to project needs?
    4. How did you overcome challenges that arose during the process?
    5. How did you navigate the relationship between your individual work and that of the rehearsals and/or design conferences?
  • Select, organize, and upload the materials that best represent your process and/or dramaturgical sensibility. These items may include emails, pictures of your display, screenshots of webpages, presentations, content shared with project participants or instructor, and/or videos.)
  • Please Note: Although we have set a limit of 100 pages for these uploaded documents, we encourage you to focus on the quality and not quantity of the materials you select.
  • Write an introduction to the materials you have uploaded, briefly explaining why you created them for this project (150-250 words).
  • Write a brief statement (150-250 words) answering one of the following questions:
  • Takeaways:How has this project helped you understand how to improve your dramaturgical work? What aspects of your work will you bring into your next project?
  • Uniqueness:Where are you in this work? If someone else had dramaturged this production, how would it have been different?
  • Impact: How did your individual participation affect the whole? (To address this aspect of your work, we encourage you to invite statements from collaborators who can speak to your intangible contributions.)
  • Dramaturgical Vision: How does this project fit into your overall creative work and plans for the future?
  • Confirm your intent to attend your Regional Festival, where you will display, present, and receive feedback about your work.
  • If applicable, briefly tell us about an aspect of your work that you haven’t yet explained in your previous answers.
  • Distinctiveness: what is creative about the dramaturg’s approach and/or analysis?
  • Contextualization: how is the production or project enhanced by dramaturgical analysis or research; alternatively, how is the academic project in dramaturgy imaginatively projected into a larger social, political, academic or artistic setting?
  • Impact: in what way are the audience, artists or institution enriched by dramaturgical ideas and execution?
  • Ethics: how are issues that might be raised by the terms of the collaboration or changing responsibilities dealt with and/or resolved?
  • Significance: how does this project inform, challenge or advance the field of dramaturgy, in general and/or within the student’s school?

How To Apply

  • Join the national conversation in LMDA/KCACTF-sponsored online workshops with professional dramaturgs.
  • Fill out the application below.  Find more information in the tabs above.
  • Attend your Region’s Festival, where you will display, present, and receive feedback about your work.

Submission Deadline December 18, 2023.

Applications now Open.