Musical Theatre Intensive

Welcome Musical Theatre Performers

What Happens At The Festival

  • Participation is open to all students, regardless of response nominations.  Students must meet KCACTF eligibility requirments. 

  • Every student who participates will be eligible for feedback for each round. 

  • Preliminary round will be through self-tape submission process. Deadline December 15th, 2023.

  • Material may come from the musical theatre canon or musical theatre-adjacent.

  • Preliminary round: one 90 second cut.

  • Semi-Final round: two contrasting cuts up to 4 minutes.

  • Final round: choose 1 full song from package.

      Scholarship auditions will take place with in-person at festival after a virtual first round. One person from the Scholarship Award auditions will be selected to attend the national festival at the Kennedy Center. 

      KCACTF has a partnership with Open Jar Institute. Students will receive coaching from an Open Jar rep who will award cash scholarships to winners. 

      Ten students who audition for the MTI Scholarship and do not advance to the finals will be chosen to perform in the late-night cabaret. They will rehearse with an accompanist prior to that event.
      Students will have several opportunities to participate in dance workshops at the festival. One performer will be selected from these workshops to receive the Musical Theatre Intensive Dance Award for the region.

      Some students are nominated for MTI through an associate or participating musical production at their institution. These “MTI Nominees” – in addition to being guaranteed an audition slot for the MTI Scholarship Award auditions – will rehearse a group number to perform at the Closing Ceremonies of the festival. Nominees must register for participation in MTI by December 15, or they will forfeit their reserved audition slot for the Scholarship Award.


      Tommy Iafrate

      Tommy Iafrate


      Binghamton University

      Bryan Vandevender

      Bryan Vandevender


      Bucknell University