NPP Response Report

NPP Respondents,
Thank you for your support of the National Playwrighting Program. Please submit this form and within one week of viewing the production.
NPP Online Response Form
Note: This should be the email of the person at the institution who should receive this report. Probably the director, but may be the department chair or other person. If you are not sure, ask the school.

Irene Ryan Nominations

Note: Associate Productions qualify for 2 nominations. Participating Productions qualify for 3 nominations.

Student Design, Dramaturgs and Stage Manager Entrants

Certificate of Merit

Address where Certificates of Merit should be sent

Invited Scenes

Do you recommend this play for any of the other Michael Kanin National Playwriting Awards? (For award criteria, please go to

For Participating Productions Only

Summary Comments about the Participating production

Your response should be as brief as possible, but adhere to the following structure:
Please leave out references to the school and names of people whenever possible. (ie: default to: the school, the director, the set designer,...)
I. Achievements (What are the production strengths that made this a "Must See" at Festival?)
II. Challenges (Do you have any concerns about seeing this production on the invited list at Festival?)
Please remember to consider the following:
Choice of Play, Dramaturgical Work, Production Elements, Acting, Directing: (This is tricky. Be tactful. You may be talking about a faculty member's work, and the director may be on the selection team)

Please also share any additional thoughts on things the region should consider to help the show translate in the most successful way possible at festival is also appreciated.