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KCACTF Participating and Associate Entry Host Responsibilities

NEW!!!  We would like to ensure quality responses.  To that end, we are asking our hosts to fill out a brief survey following the response session.  Once respondents have filed their paperwork, you will be sent a link to the survey.  We appreciate your taking the time to let us know how our respondents are doing in the field.  THANKS!

As a Host, It Is Our Hope That You Will

  • Communicate with the respondent prior to the visit to set a date
  • Give clear directions to the theatre
  • Determine hospitality need
  • Make sure someone greets the respondent upon arrival
  • Make sure a ticket is provided (sometimes, a respondent will bring a guest – ask about this at the time you make arrangements.)
  • Offer a meal or meals, if desired; it’s a good opportunity to tell the respondent about your program, or about any special aspects of the production (a guest artist’s work; stage combat work; an unusual interpretation) that you think she or he would benefit from. If the respondent must stay over, plan to provide both an evening meal and breakfast of some kind, perhaps the complimentary breakfast at the place of lodging.
  • Provide lodging if needed (you are not expected to pay for a guest not sharing the same room.)
  • Discuss Ryan nominations at the time of the visit, remembering that the director makes the first nomination; and that associate productions may have a total of two nominees, and participating productions a total of three. Receiving more than one nomination is at the discretion of your respondents!

What To Do About a “Bad” Respondent?

Try as we might to avoid it, occasionally, a school reports an unsatisfactory experience with a respondent. Sometimes, this is a clash of cultures of criticism, and even a “good” respondent can have a bad night. If, however, you feel a respondent to one of your  productions should not be out on the road, please contact your regional chair. We can’t address problems if we don’t know they exist.

*Please remember that respondents are not obligated to write a written response. You may ask and they may choose to do so as a faculty member from an institution of higher learning, not a KCACTF respondent.