Acting Scholarships (Irene Ryans)

Irene Ryan Process for the 2025 KCACTF Region 2 Conference

– All rounds of the Ryans will be held in person at the regional conferences!

– All three rounds will be the same with a total package of 4 minutes to present one monologue and one scene

– Self-submissions are allowed and there will be no difference between nominations and self-submissions. In order to be guaranteed that your nomination or submission is seen you must complete the region-specific entry process by the date established in each region. Individual regions may elect to enact a maximum number on entries that will be clearly communicated before submission deadlines.

– Ryan participants will still be able to partner with one other Ryan participant and must use a different scene for each package.

Comic actor Irene Ryan (1902-1973) left behind a long list of memorable roles on stage, screen, and radio — and a generous bequest that supports student actors across the nation through the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival.