Acting Scholarship Auditions

(Formerly Irene Ryans)

Registration Link for Acting Scholarship will open October 1st.  Make sure you register for Festival first. 

Registration for Acting Scholarship closes December 18th 2023. No Extensions.


There is no additional fee for participating in the Acting Scholarship Audition. By submitting the Registration Form, you affirm that you were a college student at the time of your nomination.

The Deadline for Preliminary Submissions is December 18th, 2023.

Read carefully all information.

Nomination: Departmental nominations will continue to be accepted. However, this year, EVERY student can self-nominate for the Acting Scholarship auditions whether they were nominated for the Acting Scholarships or not.

Self-nominated students may be from any institution in the region, however, to be eligible for Final Round selection, their school must have received either a participating or associate response during 2023.

Audition Package and Registration: The complete audition process for the 20234Festival season involves student preparation of a total of six (6) minutes of work, consisting of two monologues and a scene with a partner. Nominees MUST complete the online Acting Scholarship Registration Form. Both students (auditionee and partner) must have a paid registration for the Festival prior to the preliminary round submission.

The Preliminary Round Audition will be two contrasting monologues, not to exceed three (3) minutes total time, recorded and uploaded to JotForm, before or on Dec. 18th. No late submissions will be accepted. Preliminary round video should be one continuous take, no editing, slate before both pieces.  Time will start with first word or action of the first monologue and be counted until the end of the second monologue.

Videos must be in .mp4, ,avi, .wmv, .mov format and may not exceed 75MB.

Recommendations for Recordings:

  • Virtual submissions will be recorded with one camera and/or phone.
  • Please record with a source of light directly in front of you. How To Record A Perfect Self Tape for Audition At Home! – Bombay Actors Guide
  • The quality of the recording will not be considered when evaluating preliminary round submissions.
  • Timing of the audition will begin with the first action or word in character following the setup and introduction and will not stop from that point onward.

Use an online video compressor such as or Compress2Go to reduce file size below 75MB, prior to attempting to upload. 

The recorded monologues will be viewed by the Scholarship Selectors who will select 32 semi-finalists. In Region 2, nominees will receive in-person feedback given by selectors or faculty respondents during the first day of the Festival. Semi-Finalists are announced live and need to be present at the festival in order to move on to the next round.

The Semi-Final Round Audition Semi-Finalists are announced at the Festival. The semi-final round will be performed live and open to the public. It will consist of a scene with a partner and one (1) monologue from preliminary round (student’s choice). Scenes and monologues must be fully memorized. The total running time of the Semi-Final Round will not exceed five (5) minutes, including transitions.

Selection of Partners: Nominees MAY choose to partner with each other for their scene while being considered for the Acting Scholarship themselves. Each student will prepare the two monologues described in the criteria above and will have the option to utilize the same scene described above or a second scene with either the same partner or another student. At no time may a nominee serve as a partner for more then 2 other nominees. 

The Scholarship Selectors will select 16 finalists and offer feedback to all semi-finalists and their

The Final Round Audition will be live and open to the public. It will consist of both monologues from the Preliminary Round and the scene from the Semi-Final Round. The order of the Final Round audition material will be determined by the students in consultation with their mentor(s.) Time limit is six (6) minutes total, including transitions.

One finalist and one runner up will be selected by the Scholarship Selectors.

Only those performers who are bona fide students during the festival year are eligible. Check the FAQ’s for student requirements. 

All scene partners must have been a bona fide student at the time of the initial KCACTF response or during the term in which the regional festival occurs (confirmed in writing as outlined above). Nominees and their partners need not be students at the same institution.

Only students from institutions that had participating or associate productions with-in the last calendar year may be eligible for scholarships and awards.

Double-check that you have permission to perform all three pieces you’ve selected. You will need to know the rights holders of each in order to complete the online Registration Form. To find the rights holder of a particular play, a good, though not perfect resource is Some pieces are published for reading and study by publishers who do not control the performance rights. You may need to provide proof that you’ve secured performance rights to any pieces not automatically cleared. For example, all Dramatists Play Service except Albee and Beckett are automatically eligible for use at the regional level so you do not need hard copy proof but different publishers have different rules. Be sure to check!

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