Arts Administration

Recognizing that there are many models for producing theater, ASPIRE students will create and pitch their own model for producing theatrical events whether it is a theater company, a multidisciplinary arts organization, a festival, or some other creative artistic initiative  This pitch will be presented to a selectors panel of theater professionals.  This exercise will prepare ASPIRE students to think critically about leadership styles, programming, and models while demonstrating the student’s ability to think outside the box.  The following is a set of recommended guidelines to help prepare an effective pitch:

    •  Students have 10 minutes to present their pitch followed by 5 minutes to take questions from the selectors; students will be responsible for allocating their own time accordingly.
    • The presentation must include the purpose of your endeavor, its mission, where it will take place (town, city, state, country), and its relevance in terms of audience and community. 

    • Students are invited to be as innovative, creative, and practical as possible in pitching a compelling artistic endeavor using whatever resources are available to them. We encourage specific examples of the sort of work you intend to create.

    • Students must also provide an electronic copy of their resume in advance of their pitch session.