Representation, Equality and Diversity Statement

We continue to evolve our anti-biased, anti-racist stance which impacts learning, teaching and empowers creativity. Our Representation, Equality and Diversity (RED) efforts for 2022 will stimulate conversation by offering affinity spaces, that will ignite mindful dialogue and produce a safe environment for healing. We are actively and continually revising our RED content for inclusivity of all people, especially for those who have been historically underrepresented and under-supported. We encourage students to create a new way of operating whereby the time is taken, the space is made, where all are seen and heard where ever you reside. This enables all to equally join in peace within our United home. We are unified in our shared dedication to excellence, innovation and social responsibility and we recognize that different ideas, perspectives and backgrounds   revitalized and create environments. We infuse all policies, procedures and programs with grace, empathy, and love.

List of BIPOC Plays & Creatives

This document contains a variety of BIPOC plays, playwrights, directors, designers, and other theatre creatives. 

PMF DEI Committee's 2020 Anti-Racism Series Syllabus


Anjalee Deshphande Hutchinson

Anjalee Deshphande Hutchinson


Representation, Equity, & Diversity (RED) Chair

Bucknell University

Malcolm Womack

Malcolm Womack


Representation, Equity, & Diversity (RED) Vice-Chair

Penn State University